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A few weeks ago I shared a Throwback Thursday post from “A Day in the Life of WPPI 2008.” Kenny Kim was in the spotlight. Well, it’s time to bring back more images from that Graphistudio album and put one of my favorite photography couples in the spotlight, Alisha and Brook Todd.

What better place to start than with the shot they did of Kenny Kim? It was in the 2008 album following his section of “Young Guns.”

Alisha and Brook’s business and reputation have grown along with their family since then. I remember one WPPI where I took the baby off their hands for a little while. Seeing me walking around the show with a baby definitely raised a few eyebrows. LOL

The only thing more impressive than their work is their passion for the industry, friends, family and each other. I’m sure they have difficult days, like we all do, but I don’t remember a single time where I’ve seen Brook not smiling.

They caught a great silhouette shot of one of my favorite speakers as she was setting up for a shot. Two minutes later she was on the floor. That’s Vicki Taufer in action during one of her 2008 programs.
I loved the collages they did on some of the pages, further telling the story of WPPI. (My apologies for the cutoff on the scans, but it’s an oversized album being scanned on a standard size Epson flatbed.)

These images and the album bring back so many wonderful memories. Bill Hurter, bottom left corner of the image on the left, above, passed away a couple years ago. He was always behind the scenes with every awards program.  He might no longer be with us, but that incredible spirit of his will always be watching over the industry, especially at WPPI awards programs.

I’ve shared this before, but Author Jodi Picoult is responsible for what’s become my favorite quote about photography…

“This is what I like about photographs.
They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.”

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