Tamron’s SP35mm and SP45mm Lenses

It was just about two years ago that Tamron totally raised the bar and introduced their first two redefined SP lenses, the SP35mm and SP45mm. And, while for most of you this might be old news, there’s an opportunity coming later this month for you to win an SP45mm lens!

Later this month Photodex and SCU will be announcing a new contest and our search for the best self-promotional video.
Technology keeps changing and today artists have the greatest number of creative tools in the 190+ year history of photography, but not just for capture! Your ability to promote your skill set and passion in your marketing materials is at an all time high. The combination of still images, short video clips and great music combined in a profile piece about your love for photography and your business, sets a new standard for self-promotion.Supporting the quality of beautiful images in your video is Tamron and some of the finest optics in photography today. I love this description of the SP45mm from the Tamron site:Compose an image at will, without regard to shooting distance or ambient lighting constraints – to produce crisp, tack sharp images from F1.8 full open aperture. The unique synthesis of a VC system in a 45mm lens with a best-in-class MOD of ).29m* redefines standar distance shooting – freeing the photographer to discover another dimension of personal style.

*Rated top among current 45mm and 50mm fixed focal length interchangeable AF lenses for full-frame DSLR cameras excluding macro lenses (As of July 2015. Source: Tamron).

Tamron isn’t just a manufacturer of some of the finest glass in imaging, but a never-ending supporter of education and helping photographers raise the bar on the quality of their images. The Tamron Tech team is on the road around the country with their workshop series. Here’s your chance to check out the SP45mm lens along with the rest of the Tamron family of outstanding lenses. In August alone they’ll be in Nevada, Colorado, California, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Texas and Utah. Check out their schedule for August – it’s just a click away.

Click on any image below to connect to the SP 45mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (model F013) in Canon, Nikon or Sony-A mounts. Then, stay tuned to SCU and Photodex for the contest announcement and your chance to win the grand prize package with gear from Tamron, Lumix, Marathon Press, Illuminati and Photodex!



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