“Why?” with Paul Ernest

Image copyright Paul Ernest. All rights reserved.
Since starting this series last year, over and over again I’m surprised at the power of the images and backstories being shared. I started “Why?” to introduce you to some of the movers and shakers in the industry, but it’s become so much more.

Paul Ernest is in the spotlight and definitely somebody who should be on your radar. Based in Dallas, Paul’s work is all about fine art imaging. Like so many artists on “Why?” there’s probably nothing Paul can’t photograph, but he’s chosen fine art because it’s so in line with his passion for storytelling.

“We live through stories… stories that are handed down to us through seasons and generations. We are inspired by stories and live to write our own narrative and our own contribution of life to tell.” 

Check out more of Paul’s work by visiting his website and galleries. Just click on his image above. And, if you’re interested in a terrific online educational series to help you further develop your storytelling portrait skills, here‘s the link. He’s launching a six week series later this month.


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