The FZ300 Hits the Lily Pond



I’ve shared a lot of images captured with the FZ300, which has become my favorite camera to travel with, even if it’s just out for the day around Sarasota. It’s light, easy to carry and with a 25-600mm fixed lens, there’s pretty much nothing I can’t capture. For you full time working pros out there, I recognize it’s got a smaller sensor, but for my profile and what I’m normally trying to capture it’s the perfect camera.

On a trip to the Mote Aquarium recently there was an outdoor lily pond with plenty of flowers in bloom. Conditions were pretty close to perfect, and because it was mid-afternoon with plenty of light, it was easy to handhold and get a few shots.

The image above is blown up 50% from the original file, which is below. Remember these are also screen shots. The only tweaking I did was darken it slightly with a small increase in the saturation. I wanted to highlight the water drops. 

Check out the FZ300 with a click on the thumbnail to the right. Then catch up to Panasonic’s Luminary team in the Lumix Lounge. They’re one of the most diverse groups of artists in professional photography and need to be on your radar! Follow their travel schedule and catch up to them when they’re teaching at programs throughout the Lumix network.


And, have you checked out the new GH5? The features in this camera are amazing, giving you some of the finest creative tools in the 190+ year history of photography. Isn’t it time you found out what all the buzz is about?

Listen to this recent episode of “Why?” with Shiv Verma who had the GH5 out in a storm and talks about the camera’s durability along with the background on his image, “Refugees Welcome.”

                              Pansonic’s tagline is “Changing Photography,” and that’s exactly what they’ve done!


f4.0 @ 1/160 ISO 200


f3.2 @ 1/160 ISO 100


f3.5 @ 1/200 ISO 100


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