Throwback Thursday – WPPI and a Return to “Young Guns”



Back in March I shared an image of Kenny Kim’s I ran across from WPPI 2008. The program was called “Young Guns” and it was a panel discussion featuring eleven of the movers and shakers in the industry at the time. Ryan Schembri and I were the moderators and it was simply a kick to do.

Recently I ran across another Day-in-the-Life of WPPI album from Graphistudio – the 2008 book. Photographers for that year were Brook and Alisha Todd, Terrell Lloyd, Garrett Nudd and Kenny Kim. I’ll share more images from the other artists in a future Throwback Thursday post, but for today, it’s Kenny Kim in the spotlight with “Young Guns.”

There’s a great line by Alfred, Lord Tennyson I’ve shared before,

​”I am a part of all that I have met…”
Everybody who comes into our lives, even with the smallest impact, becomes a part of us. Well, “Young Guns” and a trip down memory lane to that evening program clearly became a milestone moment in my life. Like Tennyson’s quote, they became a part of my life.  Even today, I never know when I’m going to bump into one of them at a conference or convention, and it’s ALWAYS great to catch up.

Throwback Thursday is about memories and storytelling. It’s a terrific subject for your blog and a great way to remind “Mom” of the importance of capturing memories. And, if you decide you don’t want to do it for blog content then at least take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy the memories.

​Happy Throwback Thursday!

​PS So who do you recognize?

All images by Kenny Kim

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