“Tiny Talks” – Light Shaping with Neil van Niekerk



I love Profoto’s Tiny Talks series because they’ve packed so much great content into every episode. This one with Neil van Niekerk is a perfect example.

One of Neil’s most favorite light-shaping tools is a strip softbox with a grid. But, what’s most fun and helpful in this video is how he uses it and the variations he demonstrates in the results.

It might only be a four minute video, but Neil has packed it full of comparisons and ideas to help you enhance your images. With each new portrait he takes you through the changes – sometimes in the angle of light, other times the pose. And his advice along the way is stellar!

“You cannot light somebody and not pose them.
You can’t post somebody without a thought of what to do with the lighting.
They really go hand in hand.”
The images below are examples from Neil’s Tiny Talk video. There’s so much content here to help you raise the bar on the quality of your images, which is pretty much what Profoto is all about! 

The Profoto website and blog should be on your radar along with a FREE subscription to their newsletter – the link is at the bottom of their home page. They not only make some of the finest lighting gear in the industry – they’re helping to capture/create some of the most stunning images!

To see more of Neil van Niekerk’s work visit his website. It’s just a click away.
And, check out Profoto Stories! You’ll find one profile after another of great artists from around the world. Each story is loaded with content to help you raise the bar on your skill set and plant a few seeds of creativity! Just click on the banner below.

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