“Why?” with Shiv Verma

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We see hundreds of images every day, but rarely hear the stories behind them. Often an artist has a photograph with a story that blends together technique and relevance, resulting in a much more unique message.

Shiv Verma is in the spotlight with a great image and back story. Shiv is a photographer, author, educator and regularly involved in various aspects of new imaging technology.  He believes in being involved in the industry and is often a speaker and competition judge at various conferences/workshops in photography. 

“After a lot of debate I decided to title this image “Refugees Welcome”.  In the past 6 months the topic of refugees has been dominant in the news. With Canada as one of the countries that has openly welcomed refugees, I felt this image represented the statement appropriately.  The concrete totems can be viewed as either emerging or going into the St. Lawrence river in Northern Quebec.”

As a member of the Lumix Luminary team, Shiv is an obvious fan of Panasonic’s mirrorless technology. Refugees Welcome was captured with the new Lumix GH5. As stated by Panasonic, the camera’s “splash/dustproof construction is thanks to weather sealing on every joint, dial, and button.” Shiv shares in this backstory the challenge of shooting in the rain, but in the end, he got the shot!

To see more of Shiv’s work and follow his speaking and teaching schedule, just click on his image above.


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