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The challenge for any business owner is finding a way to exceed client expectations. In today’s photographic market, competition is fierce.  Every artist has to find creative ways to become habit-forming with their clients. If hybrid slideshow videos aren’t part of the products/services you offer, then you’re missing a potential revenue stream and a key component to creating goodwill.

In this new post from Suzette Allen she shares some of the benefits of the best FREE trial program in imaging. But even better is taking ProShow Web for your own test drive. With the seasonality of the fourth quarter right around the corner, here’s your chance to bring a new level of excitement to your images and storytelling ability.

Photodex is providing photographers with the very best creative tools for imaging presentations. Check out ProShow Web and start enjoying the features available to make you a legend with each client, including great music! 

Your presentations deserve the very best and Suzette and Photodex are here to help you make that happen!


We have been telling you about so many great features with Pro Show Web, and my guess is many of you have tried it and already purchased it, seeing its value! However, my husband Jon, (mister techy), reminded me this week that Photodex has THE BEST TRIAL system ever, and I should let the readers know! And I heartily agree, because while MOST software companies offer the typical 30 day trial (which we sometimes don’t get around to using in time!!) this one is different! I actually wish more companies subscribed to this way of thinking!
So here is how it works: First of all, the Trial is FOREVER! Yeah! No kidding! You can use it and make as many shows as your lil’ heart desires for as long as you want!!  J  Ah, but yes, there IS a catch! What they DO limit, is a few features like the number of images or videos you can use in each show. So that means you can use a maximum of 15 files (any mix of videos or stills). It’s actually plenty to see how it works and make some cute shows. That’s one of my favorite short shows above. It only has 13 files, including my logo slide!
A few other limitations… not the full selection of music is included…and not quite ALL the themes. There’s still lots of great options and all the customization capabilities are there so you can see how easy it is to make what you want!

When it comes to output, it will make a nice low rez (the default) but you can’t export it at full HD resolution with the trial. And one more thing—there’s a small credit line in the bottom edge and the last splash page that says it was created with ProShowWeb… that’s fair enough!
What I think is really thoughtful, though, is that when you DO fall in love with their product and actually purchase it, all the trial shows are still there! Nothing lost. And all you need to do is hit “rebuild” and each show will be rebuilt without the ProShow credits! I mean, how thoughtful is that? And of course, you can further modify any of them as well, since they are all intact, when you convert the account to a paid service. J I’m thinking this is a great deal.
So, while this article is a little more techy and not so creative, it’s a great thing to know about if you are thinking about trying out Pro Show before you buy! (or if you have friends who are curious). So, Let’s Get Creative and make some fun slide shows on them…. It’s always a bonus to be able to try before you buy, and it makes you want to do business with a company so generous!
Suzette Says: Try out the Best TRIAL in the world, and get creative this week!


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