Chris Franklin – In the Spotlight with the 70-200mm G2 Lens


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One of the most fun aspects of social media is meeting other artists and making new friends. Meet Chris Franklin, a photographer from Houston. A couple of weeks ago, here in the Tamron Theater I shared a post about action photography with tips from Grady James.

I posted the link in a tweet and Chris responded, “Great tips and advice. I will use them this weekend for a Roller Derby shoot….” Well, that’s all it took for a quick phone call to track Chris down and ask him to share some images after the event. A few days later he sent a few of his favorites.

If you’ve ever photographed anything in an arena and especially a sport with a lot of action, you know there’s absolutely no control over much of anything, especially the lighting. When Chris sent me these images he wrote:

“I have been using the Back-Focus button for a while now. Each time I read or hear of a professional photographer using it, it gives me confidence I made the correct choice. Pre-composing and pre-focusing are great tools to use when your subject is known to be in a certain place and time on a regular basis, (i.e. on roller derby track). Base line shutter speeds are essential to photographing high speed sports action. On my last shoot, I had to maintain a shutter speed of 500th/sec or higher. Unfortunately, I had to use a very high ISO to accomplish this. (high ISO images are not my favorite). Capturing expression and emotion are key to telling your story through your photographs. The photographs I took shows the grit, drive and determination the skaters were experiencing.”

These image were captured with Tamron’s SP 70-200mm F2.8 G2 lens. Chris had two Nikon bodies, a D500 and D800 and did most of his shooting at 6400 ISO.

Remember, I’m sharing low res screen shots here, so the originals obviously show more detail. I also didn’t ask Chris to do any clean up of the images for better flesh tone, etc. These are right out of the can, although I took the liberty of a little fun cropping.

Check out Tamron’s complete product line with a visit to one of their authorized dealers. They’re manufacturing some outstanding glass, but don’t take my word for it – have some fun with your own “test drive!”

A big thanks to Chris for sharing his images and to Tamron for making a great lens which gave him images to share! Click on any of the images to visit Chris Franklin’s website and see more of his work.

Images copyright Chris Franklin. All rights reserved.

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