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Suzette Allen is back this week with a solid reminder about an often underestimated ingredient for a great slideshow, the music! You’re working so hard to capture stunning images and then put them together as the ultimate storyteller. Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to your music selection.

You choice of music is critical to your presentation. It’s not a process you want to rush, but it’s also time-consuming chasing music when there’s so much out there. So, Suzette shared the perfect tip from our mutual good friend, Roy Ashen at Triple Scoop.

Think about it for just a second. You took a lot of time to capture stunning images and put them together to share the perfect story for a client. Why not take the time to pick the right music?

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by Suzette Allen

One of the biggest factors in setting the mood for your images and slideshows is Music.  It is a vital element that can instantly set the tone of happy and energetic, or moody and dramatic with the same exact images!

I generally pick out my song early in the process when I am designing a show, so I can get in the mood and pace, especially if I am making a custom show. However, with Pro Show Web, which pretty much makes it for me, it’s not nearly as critical to choose your music early in the design process. [but it still helps to get you in the mood!]

Choosing music that is fitting can take time, too. You don’t want to just pick any song—it really needs to be a good tune- with the right feel. We tend to pick songs we like, although they may not do your story justice.

Here’s a great tip:  I saw a fabulous program by Roy Ashen of  Triple Scoop Music a couple years ago that was SO helpful in picking music. He said to choose three words that describe the person, the mood, the emotion or style/feeling you want to portray in your visual story, then listen to the music selections to decide if they support those three words. (instead of just choosing a tune you like).

It works like magic and gets you out of your personal music box and into some more exciting genres. Incidentally, I often use Triple Scoop Music, as they are one of the best royalty-free Music Providers in the industry. However, since Photodex provides such a great selection in their service (which is included in the price) I also use PSW (ProShow Web) music anytime it fits the mood! 
Here’s a big factor in music choosing—TIME! It is so helpful to have a good search criteria to find songs, because it can take a while, depending on how obsessed you are! I’ll be honest, too; I usually want to rush through that process—especially in Senior Season! It is a lifesaver that PSW allows you to mark your favorite songs and put them into your special favorites collection!
So just to help you out, and maybe expose you to some of the awesome music out there, here are three short shows, each one having a different mood, all thanks to the music I chose. The music you choose can make or break a great presentation – take the time to do a little exploring so you know what’s available.



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