“Why?” with Gareth Rockliffe

Image copyright Gareth Rockliffe. All rights reserved.
When I started this series, I underestimated the variety of backstories the artists would share about their favorite images. I also never thought about their wisdom and insight, or their passion for the craft with each click of the shutter.

Gareth Rockliffe is in the “Why?” spotlight today. He’s a perfect example of what makes this industry so much fun: the friendships that come along because of our mutual love for everything under the imaging umbrella.

I met Gareth thanks to his submission of a slideshow he put together for a Photodex/SCU contest and won. Later we did a Photodex “Building Your Business” segment and shared Gareth’s video trailer for his “Great American Coastline” project. He’s a remarkable artist who makes it very clear, with every image he captures, “photography isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life.”

Visit Gareth’s website with just a click on the image above. He’s an artist who needs to be on your radar!


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