Photography and Creating Great Summer Slideshows!


Sunset from Mt. Jeez, Malabar Farm State Park, Ohio. Sigma SD Quattro, Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 Zoom Lens. f/8. Gitzo GT2451EX tripod and Gitzo ball head. Image processed in Adobe Camera Raw, Photomatix Pro, and Photoshop CC. Photo © 2017 David FitzSimmons. All rights reserved.


by Skip Cohen

Summer’s here and it’s time to think about how you can make your summer themed slideshows and images top notch.

I write almost the same thing every time, but that’s only because so many of you are still dragging your feet bringing slideshows into your product/services lineup. From seniors, to thank you “notes,” telling a client’s special story and even your own marketing show, there’s nothing that will help build your brand more than exceeding client expectations with great slideshows!

Wandering through the Photodex blog archives I found three terrific posts to help you capture great images and create terrific presentations. Plus, with the holiday weekend upon us, it’s the perfect time to be capturing images for those visions in your mind’s eye and then putting them together in a slideshow.

Click on the sunset image above by David FitzSimmons and enjoy his guest post of “Ten Tips for Photographing Sunsets and Sunrises,” including his own stunning slideshow. David is an incredible artist and in fact, we did a podcast together last year, well worth listening to. While I know many of you are thinking this might be too basic for your skill set, think of it as a quick review. David shares some solid tips and sunsets/sunrises are clearly a major component in any summer slide show.


I can’t write a post that talks about sunsets without sharing one of my own personal favorites, captured with a Lumix FZ1000 on Marco Island, FL.

Two other terrific links to check out are below.

In the “SUMMER – Vacation Inspired FX Round-Up” you’ll find six direct links to special effects to make your presentations even more professional. And check out “10 Songs For Your Summer Slideshows.” Always remember a great story ties together terrific images together with great music. Click on the images to link to the post.

Here’s my point – you’re an artist and storyteller. While nobody can tell a client’s story better than you, no company can help make your work habit-forming to your audience better than Photodex. The ProShow blog is loaded with helpful content together with their YouTube channel.

They never slow down in helping you raise the bar on the quality of your presentations, images and even your business!


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