The Creative Envelope: Tips to Help You Publish Your Own Book

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Welcome to the second episode of “The Creative Envelope.”  

The inspiration behind this podcast is based on Don Komarechka and I looking for new ways to help you raise the bar on your images, business, marketing and essentially any topic that comes along under the professional photographer/artist umbrella.
Don and I have worked on a number of different projects together over the years and the depth of our phone conversations are almost epic. I’m fascinated by his insight into the industry and especially his mad-scientist approach to macro photography.  His enthusiasm never slows down as he not only often breaks the rules of imaging, but openly shares new ways to push the creative envelope. This week’s image above is a prime example.

Don’s images are remarkable and we thought it would be fun to start each episode in the future with one of his images together with a behind the scenes shot and an explanation of the technique. Like all of the images he shares there’s never a compromise on the quality. Plus, he’s always experimenting and stepping into new territory in capturing each vision in his mind’s eye.

​Interested in seeing more of his work? Just click on the featured image above to link to his website.

In This Episode – Tips on Publishing Your Own Book

  • Planning – Isolating your topic
  • Identifying your readership
  • Self-publishing vs working with a publisher
  • Self-discipline
  • Printing quality
  • Involvement in the complete process
  • Editorial review
  • Distribution
​In the weeks ahead we’re going to do our very best to combine the passion we share for the industry with topics on marketing, business, technique, social media and anything else that comes along. And, if you’ve got a specific topic you’d like to see us explore let us know here in the comment section or email either of us in the addresses we share at the end of each podcast.

Welcome to The Creative Envelope!


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