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Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the friendships that come out of everyone’s love for the craft, and it’s kind of ironic that the more I write, the more cool things I read about.

This morning I started my usual routine. I checked email, set up Twitter and then hit Facebook. On my Facebook feed was a posting from a great friend, Dixie Dixon. She shared her excitement over the pre-publishing notice of her new book. Turning to another page on FB, was a notice that today’s her birthday.

I first met Dixie when she won the WPPI Hy Sheanin Scholarship and was just starting her career. Just a few months ago she shared an image on “Why?” followed by her Tiny Talk video from Profoto USA. She never slows down and is proof that hyper-active kids grow up and have careers! LOL

Her new book, with the foreword by Kathy Ireland, is scheduled to be released in November and is available to order in advance on Amazon. If you don’t know Dixie, click on either of the links above for an introduction.

Pictureby Bobbi Lane

But the fun of June 29 doesn’t stop there. While I know it’s considered inappropriate to get personal in a business blog, I’m heading there anyway!

Today would be my parent’s wedding anniversary. It’s also special because Sheila and I got married seven years ago today as well. Our wedding was on the back porch of our home in Akron at 7:30 am with Molly the Wonder Dog and God as our witnesses.

When Sheila and I picked the date seven years ago we felt it would be good karma to join Mom and Dad on their special date. My parents were very important to both of us, and even with Mom’s Alzheimer’s we managed to create a few wonderful memories on today’s date.

PictureLee and Skip at the grill by Bobbi Lane

Then, wandering through Facebook and hitting birthdays, it’s Lee Varis’ birthday. Lee and Bobbi Lane were just here for the weekend in Sarasota a couple of months ago, when Bobbi grabbed the shot at the right.

And once again, there’s that photo industry connection – a great friendship all coming out of our mutual love for imaging. Lee’s also done an episode of “Why?” with a phenomenal image.

June 29 is simply starting out to be a pretty amazing day, but in all honesty, if you’ve followed me for even a short time, it’s the way every day seems to start. This industry isn’t just about imaging and technology, it’s about great friendships, new projects and a whole bunch of us who simply love what we do!

As sappy as it sounds, Confucius is credited for the following wisdom:

                                     “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!”

So to my wonderful partner, wife and best friend, Sheila – Happy Anniversary. And while a blog post is hardly the most logical place to share a personal moment – since it’s 6:45 am and you’re still asleep, it’s the best way to start the day. Sure do love ya!

To two of my most fun friends, Dixie and Lee – Happy Birthday! It’s a kick to have you in our lives. Just wish we could catch up more often!

Last but not least – to Dixie – congrats on the new book. Writing a book takes an amazing amount of focus and commitment. I’m so proud to have been hanging out with you over the years and been a tiny part of your journey!

And to all of you my readers – thanks for being a part of my life. Happy June 29!


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