In the Backyard – #WithMyTamron

Last week I shared a post about Tim Grey and his upcoming FREE webinar on June 28 thanks to X-Rite Photo & Video. In looking through Tim’s Instagram images I ran across a number of them all tagged #WithMyTamron.

In the spirit of my favorite lens manufacturer I had some fun yesterday shooting with Tamron’s 14-150mm lens (equivalent to 28-300 mm in the 35mm and full-frame formats) for Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Shooting with a Lumix GH4, I had some fun with one of the Myrtle trees in our backyard now in almost full bloom. When not in bloom it couldn’t be a more boring tree – just bare branches normally trimmed completely back at the end of each season.

Click to visit Tamron’s product lineup and the 14-150mm lens

Tamron isn’t just an outstanding manufacturer of quality glass, they’re a leader in education and helping artists share their images. Share your Tamron images in social media for an opportunity to have them featured in Tamron’s User Gallery.


Tamron’s tech team is on the road all summer long and headed to the following cities over the next few weeks: Topeka, KS, Colchester, CT, Berkeley, CA, Sioux Falls, SD, Lakewood, WA, Idaho Falls, ID, Allentown, PA, Davenport, IA, Boise, ID and Riverside, CA. That’s just between now and July 15! Check out the complete schedule with a click on the banner to the right!

The tech team is one of the most diverse groups of artists and educators in photography. They’re on the road to help you raise the bar on your images; help with technique challenges and give you a chance to test drive all of Tamron’s outstanding lenses!


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