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The most fun of this industry is about friendships and the artists we meet along our journey. I shared the image below a few years back from Thomas Roesner, who I met at ShutterFest. Most of you would consider it sort of a grab shot, but Thomas doesn’t do just grab shots. It’s that extra effort and fine-tuning that goes into his images and the end result becomes art.

This image has become a personal favorite. It marked the start of a great friendship with Craig LaMere, who until that moment three conventions ago, I had never met.  Check out the “Why?” I recorded with Craig this past February.

Over the weekend I was on Facebook and caught up to Thomas’ other half, Marissa. I notice the portrait above of their son, Sequoyah, and asked for permission to feature it here.

I loved the mood of the shot, the lighting and the fact that it was black and white. It’s got such a great feel to it and deserved to be shared in a spotlight post.

Thomas sent me the image and what he wrote is as strong as the portrait itself!

A week before this shoot I had began to realize that my son was growing way too fast and I needed to capture that precious time more fervently.  I started thinking of the shoot and soon had in mind his outfit and the location. Then, one afternoon, I picked him up after work and we began shooting.  Since that day I have been thinking of other shoots involving his likes and personality. I love being able to document my son this way and being able to fill my house with his images helps him see that he too is the center of my universe.

You might not know Thomas Roesner now, but stay tuned. I’m convinced he’s an artist we’re all going to be following in the future.


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