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When my kids were younger, my mother was always complaining about not having enough up to date pictures of her grandchildren. Here I was in the photo industry and playing out a true-to-life scenario of that old expression, “the shoemaker’s children need shoes!”

Suzette Allen is back this week with eight different short videos to remind you some of the best memories you can capture this summer are of your own family! Plus, capturing those special moments with family and friends also gives you some great material for marketing your business and your skill set.


 Think about it for just a second. The busy season is in full swing, but as busy as you are you’re still going to be finding the time for family outings, mini-vacations, and opportunities to demonstrate your skill as a storyteller. It’s important not to forget your most important clients – YOUR FAMILY!

And, there’s one more side benefit – each video is perfect content for your blog. Done right, a great slideshow demonstrates your skill set and helps to plant those seeds of ideas with your target audience; all those moms out there!

Photodex never slows down in developing the tools you need to enhance your creativity and build stronger presentations for your clients. You’re working hard to capture stunning images. They deserve to be shared in terrific presentations and always exceeding client expectations.

Nobody can tell the story better than you and who better to help you market your skills than your family? Now, put your family and your memories together with ProShow8, and you’ve got the perfect ingredients to build stronger brand awareness and have some fun with your marketing efforts too!

by Suzette Allen

Summer is upon us and many of us are planning our vacations and getaways with the family! It’s a great time to get creative and not only share the fun you have and sights you see, but make it fun to remember the moments and good times later, when you are back to the grind and the snow is on the way! We all know that photographs are the very best aid to our memory, and when viewed with music in an audio-visual show is becomes a hook that our memories love!

Even if it is just a short glimpse of fun you happened upon, like this Balloon Regatta, it has so much potential for great memories and creativity!

We were in Page, AZ for the Slot Canyon safari and Horseshoe Bend last summer. We were packing up to go home on the last day when we heard there was a Balloon Regatta in town! We scooted out with our cameras at sunrise and had an eye-full of color and fun for about two hours. It was truly magical! This little show is a glimpse of the fun and the beautiful weather and colorful sights!  The addition of video is especially fun and so great at storytelling! Even though it was only two hours, this memory makes it even more memorable!

Most of these shows were from short events lasting only hours! What fun! But sometimes we go on big adventures where many of our family members and friends cannot go.

We climbed up to the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park this past year and it was so unforgettable! This show features a 360 degree video of the view at the top. Yes, mom loved it-because she will never be able to make that hike! It’s almost like being there—[or almost better because you get to hear the soundtrack! HAHA!]

This show is one of my favorites called “Here with Me”, where we can share our visual experiences, adding audio and movement to engage the viewer at a much deeper level, feeling and seeing what it was like to be there with us!

Pro Show Web makes the shows super easy with video or not. This show of all the places we traveled last year is ALL stills. We had so many, there was no time for video. But it is all engaging like a video because of the marvelous transition and energy created with the themes and effects. Again, everything looks more dynamic, more exciting and more polished when we take the time to SHARE our adventures with Photodex!

Plan your next adventure with a ProShow in mind and shoot a few Intro scenes, a dynamic ending shot and a few short (under 10 sec) video clips to tell your story. Then pick a theme, add some fab music to set the mood and relive your adventure – sharing the memories with much more fun added!

Even if you just want to feature a small segment or vignette of your trip, these are great “short stories” worthy of remembering and sharing!


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