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Intro by Skip Cohen

Suzette Allen’s slideshow above is the perfect example of how ProShow gives you the ability to customize your presentations without going overboard.

Think about it for a second. If you’ve been in the industry ten years or more, you can see the transition of trends in creativity thanks to technology. Wander back a few years and we saw a trend of too many artists becoming filter junkies. Images, that might have been fine with the simplicity of the quality of the photograph itself, were being overloaded with filter effects. Then there were bad images to start which people felt could be enhanced by adding more filters. That led me to me sharing one of my most favorite expressions I heard years ago, “You can’t buff a turd!”

(Note: And yes, after using the expression a long time ago, somebody sent me the Myth Busters episode where they proved you could buff one! LOL)

The truth is, less is more, but to Suzette’s point in today’s post, as more artists create slideshows we’re seeing the same phenomenon as we did with filters. Instead of simplicity and a clean flow of images and videos we’re often seeing too many special effects. We’re not able to appreciate the images, because we’re distracted by too many elements in the presentation.

This might be one of my favorite posts from Suzette, because it’s a solid reminder that less is more and Photodex has given you the tools to create stunning presentations, without losing the impact of your skill set to tell the story.

Photodex is constantly developing new tools to enhance your creative process. This is about great presentations, terrific results and exceeding client expectations.

Nobody can tell the story better than the photographer and no software provides the ease of use and the results you get with ProShow8!


by Suzette Allen

One of the questions I hear about slideshow services like ProShowWeb is “Why is it better?” or “Why don’t you use_______?”  Well, among the many reasons like, a) less money per month, b) all the awesome sharing options and c) huge selection of themes and music is my Number One most loved feature: the ability to customize SELECTIVELY!!
While the themes are great, there’s always room for fine-tuning adjustments! We want it to just flow and not have distractions–Like when certain effects are OVER-used and feel repetitive, or sometimes the effect is overpowering for the image. Or, when my video is on the shorter side and the effects gobble up the viewing time too much! I just need a simple Cut transition so I can see the full video impact!
In other similar services, you just have to “Rebuild, and hopefully you like it”…. And if not you “REbuild and HOPEfully you like it”…. and if not, just “REBUILD, and HOPEFULLY you LIKE it!”… and each time you get a new mix and even the stuff you LIKED is gone and remixed! AACK!


Soooo…. In short, ProShowWeb just rocks.

I can just hit Edit Show and see my show in a sequence and selectively delete or change my effects, my transitions, and even my timing if I want to see a special image just a little longer! And, an added bonus is the final credit slide—It drives me crazy when it gets sliced and diced and flung here and there….I just add Zero Motion Fill Frame for that simple statement of my logo: WHO did this cool show. I love the fact that they offer SO many options, too, BUT had the foresight to create the needed feature of Favorites, where I can save time hunting and grab the ones I know will work, if I’m rushed!


I’m thrilled with the way ProShowWeb does 98% of all the heavy lifting of making dynamite shows, but super thankful they give me the freedom to fine tune to make it Juuuuust Right! 

Thank you, Pro Show, for making me look good! (and taking the drama and frustration out of getting there!)


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