got Seniors?

by Skip Cohen

Over the last ten years the senior market is one of the photographic specialties that’s changed the most. There are some big numbers in the potential audience, giving so many photographers the opportunity to work with seniors. 

About 3.5 million students are expected to graduate from high school in 2016–17,
including 3.2 million students from public high schools
and 0.3 million students from private high schools (source).

**National Center for Education Statistics


So, with a target audience of 3.5 million subjects, the potential for more and more artists to get involved is enormous. For example, follow any of the larger photographic forums on Facebook, and you’ll regularly see senior work being posted and discussed.

The intrigue for me, from a marketing perspective, is all thanks to consumer trends and technology.  Working with even a small group of senior clients is giving photographers an opportunity for incredible creativity in both capture and presentation.

This is also that one time of year where I always share my senior shot. Fortunately, the industry has come a long way. But, I can’t help but wonder what my senior session would have been like had there been more choices beyond a half dozen clicks of the shutter, two lights and a posing stool!

Think about it for just a second. Today, if you’re only doing a traditional portrait because that’s all “Mom” asked for, you’re missing an opportunity to not only create a stronger revenue stream but to push your creative skills. As a selection of products and services, you no longer have just a portrait to capture, but a still image or series that captures the personality of the senior together with hybrid slide shows, videos, and a complete story-telling experience.

And, along with all the potential to display your creativity, comes a big question, “What are you giving your senior subjects to help them announce their graduation?”

Marathon’s running their BOGO on grad cards again this year, and it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Here’s your chance to not only provide a service to your senior clients but get your work out there to be seen by even more people. Just click on the banner below and connect to Marathon’s Grad Cards and let’s get things going for you early in the senior season.

Remember, while Mom isn’t in front of your camera, women make 98% of the purchase decisions when it comes to photography. Your seniors might be the subjects, but their mothers are your the audience you’re working with when it comes to closing the sale!

If you’re stuck on design ideas, Marathon’s sales kit is just the thing to help you through the process. We’re at the end of March. You’ve got enough time to order a sales kit and have a full sample set of products to offer “Mom.”

Every artist has the same goal – to exceed client expectations and make yourself habit-forming. A graduate’s first experience working directly with a professional photographer is often during their senior shoot. Since relationship building is your greatest marketing tool, here’s a chance to establish yourself as the photographic resource for your senior clients and their families, which has the potential to lead to future weddings, babies, children and family portraiture.

Marathon is providing you with a few of the tools to help build that relationship. Now, put grad cards together with your skill set and passion for the craft and you’ve got the perfect foundation to keep building your senior audience.


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