Throwback Thursday – PPA Industry Advisory Meeting – 1995?

This one is a definite classic. It was PPA’s Industry Advisory Meeting and I’m guessing it was 1995 or ’96, since Helen Yancy became PPA President around that time. Mark Roberts from Art Leather Mfg. (holding the gavel) was the chairman of the Industry Advisory Committee. I replaced Mark after this meeting as chairman and when I left the group, Steve Troup, second from the left, took over. 
Sadly we’ve lost a few of the people in this photograph over the years and at least eight are no longer in the industry. However, that doesn’t change the friendships made during those years. It also doesn’t change the fun of the memories as I look back.

While I often write about using Throwback Thursday as a way to remind your clients of the importance of photographs, it’s just as much for your benefit as it is for them. Throwback images have a unique way for reminding us of all the events and people we’ve met on our journey. And, while that might sound incredibly sappy, take a few minutes right now and pull out some old photographs and you’ll see what I mean!

Happy Throwback Thursday!


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