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Intro by Skip Cohen

Yesterday Profoto USA launched what has to be one of the coolest features yet! It’s an interactive directory of fifty-six of the finest artists in professional portrait and wedding photography. With a solid foundation in education, Profoto has created an easy way for you to keep track of some of your favorite artists. When you click on any head shot you’re immediately linked to the artist’s website. Want to follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?  Just click on the appropriate  icon.

I just shared a post of Tamara Lackey’s on Marathon’s blog recently, so I made her the first “test drive” of the Legends of light. One click and I was on her website. Then three more and I linked to her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Several of the featured “legends” also have other channels like YouTube, or in Tamara’s case there’s a link to her Redefine Show.


Tamara on Facebook


Tamara on Instagram


Tamara on Twitter

For years I’ve been writing about the importance of getting to know the movers and shakers in the industry and now Profoto USA has given you the ability to follow fifty-six of them!

Click on any of the images in the slide show below to link to the Legends of Light page and start building your own social media network. Every one of these outstanding artists should be on your radar! 

​Profoto is so much more than just a manufacturer of great lighting gear – they’re a leader in social media and education, and now you’ve got an easy way to keep tabs on a number of your favorites!


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