“Why?” with Paul Mango

Image copyright Paul Mango. All rights reserved.
I started “Why?” to help you get to know the movers and shakers in the industry, people who should be on your radar. The majority of the photographers featured to date are educators, writers and published artists who we read about on a regular basis, but now and then artists come along who call themselves passionate enthusiasts. They simply love the craft.  You know from seeing their work and talking to them if they chose to be a working professional we’d be thoroughly familiar with their work.

It’s time for you to meet Paul Mango. He doesn’t make a living as a professional photographer, but as I mention in my intro on the podcast, I’ll match his passion for the craft with anybody! What I love about the insight he shares in this episode of “Why?” is the importance he puts on memory-making family events.  

Paul is part of Panasonic’s Luminary team. Click on his image to visit his Instagram page and you’ll see a remarkable collection of his images. Then, wander over to the Lumix Lounge and meet the rest of the Luminary team.


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