Preparing for a Second Solo Photography Exhibit


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One of the most successful guest posts ever shared on SCU was a three-part series by one of Tamron’s favorite photographers Kevin A. Gilligan. In the series Kevin shared virtually every aspect of doing his own photo exhibition and the advice he shared was invaluable. Here’s the link to the third part of that series which will take you to the first two components as well.

There are three goals I often hear about from so many different artists; to have their own solo exhibit/gallery opening, to write a book and to have a magazine cover. 

In today’s post, Kevin talks about his upcoming second solo photography exhibit and the conversation was perfect for a short podcast. There’s a lot of great insight into not only Kevin’s images, but who he is as an artist and some of the challenges of documenting our surroundings today.  And, as he prepares for his exhibit in May, I wanted you to meet a great artist and somebody who’s become a good friend and inspiration.

His upcoming exhibit is called “Deliberations,” and it’s the perfect title, especially considering the definition of the word: slow and careful movement or thought.

As we shared in “Why?” last year with Kevin, his images are always thought through. Photography is one of the many ways Kevin is able to share his thoughts on so many different subjects and share a few of my favorite “KAG” images below from his upcoming exhibit.                                                                              

                                                                     Click on any image to visit Kevin’s galleries.

Images copyright Kevin A. Gilligan. All rights reserved.

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