Sal Cincotta: Off Camera Flash, Gels and the Portable Beauty Dish



by Skip Cohen

Sal Cincotta is one of the most diverse artists in photography today. He’s a photographer, writer, educator and multiple business owner. He’s founder of several different companies including Shutter Magazine and ShutterFest.  He’s so diverse that it’s easy to forget he’s also one of the most talented photographers in the industry.

His foundation is deep rooted in photography, specializing in weddings and seniors along with a little commercial work. Sal never compromises on the quality in his images, gear or for that matter his relationships with vendors, associates and friends.

Last year he did this short video featuring Profoto’s game-changing B1 and B2 Off Camera Flash Systems combined with OCF gels and the Portable Beauty Dish. The video is under three minutes, but Sal never does anything halfway. So, while it might be short, it’s packed with some great content. Sometimes just watching an artist’s vision become a reality is a learning experience.

“It’s incredible when you think about it…as photographers we’re creating art.
That art is left to the imagination, but your imagination needs tools to bring it all to life.”

Sal Cincotta
Watch this short video and then visit the Profoto Dealer nearest you. Or, find a rental dealer close to you and take the B1/B2 system out for your own test drive. Just click on either link below.  
 And check out Sal’s work with a visit to his website, Shutter Magazine or ShutterFest, coming up April 18-20 in St. Louis.

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