“Why?” with Melanie Anderson

Image copyright Melanie Anderson. All rights reserved.
I started “Why?” to introduce you to the movers and shakers in the industry, never realizing the power of the backstories behind each image. With every image there’s been a lesson and today’s “Why?” with Melanie Anderson is a perfect example.

Melanie not only shares “Why?” this image is one of her favorites, but her story is the perfect reminder of what photography is all about. I’m often accused of over-using the words “memory-makers,” but that’s what imaging is all about. So often artists forget about the trust their clients have put in them to capture images that tell a story.

Melanie isn’t just a great artist and educator; she’s a storyteller. Even without her sound-byte you get part of the story just looking at her image. 

​If you don’t know Melanie, catch her at an upcoming workshop. Click on the image to visit her educational site and put her on your list of people who need to be in your network!


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