Throwback Thursday – Announcing the WPPI Speakers…for 1999!

With WPPI 2017 just around the corner it seems appropriate to share the cover of a mailer from the 1999 show. At that time WPPI was at the Rio in Las Vegas and attendance was probably around 2500. I was at Hasselblad then, and along with several other fans, would come in 2-3 days early just to help set up the show. Back then the show was totally driven by family and friends with a group of volunteers that would grow to 100+. This was also the show Don Blair and I introduced his book, “Body Parts,” which just recently went back into print.

​While a few of the speakers above have passed away, we’ve also lost a few to career changes, heading off to other industries. However, as much as things change, some things NEVER change and that’s the passion every speaker put into their programs and the excitement of the attendees to be together.

Happy Throwback Thursday!


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