Five FAVORITE Slide Shows for 2016 Photographers Need to Watch


This week Kathy at Photodex shared five of their favorite slide shows for 2016. While I could just link you to her blog post right now, this is too important a topic just to send you over there directly.  While slides shows in themselves are certainly not new to professional photographers – how you can use them is changing every day.

  • Hybrid technology has given you the ability to combine video with still images, giving your presentations more impact.
  • Technology, like Panasonic’s LUMIX cameras give you the ability to switch from still images to video and back again, all with just a push of a button. Plus, don’t forget 4K technology.
  • Social media has given you the ability to share your work with literally thousands of potential clients. Slide shows aren’t just great products for clients, but represent one of the very strongest marketing tools you have available!
  • And last, but hardly least, Photodex keeps make it easier and easier for you to create presentations that are exciting and memory-making! Have you checked out ProShow 8?

So, as we close out 2016 with my last Photodex Friday, take the time to watch each of these videos, starting with one of my personal favorites from my good buddy, Sal Cincotta!

Wishing everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR! And, a big thanks to Photodex for all their support to the industry and helping artists raise the bar on their images and presentations!

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