“Why?” with Ralph Velasco

Image copyright Ralph Velasco. All rights reserved.
“Why?” is all about backstories, and as we approach our first fifty episodes in the series, one of my favorite qualities of the project has been the diversity of the artists. From macro to landscape to weddings, portraits, babies and critters we’ve had a guided tour of the world by some of the industry’s most talented and respected artists.

The spotlight this morning is on travel photographer Ralph Velasco.  The fun for me is his background as not only an accomplished artist, but an expert in relationship building with his subjects, often from different cultures. His URL says it all, “PhotoEnrichment.com.” While photography is a huge part of each adventure, being on a trip with Ralph is just as much about understanding the cultural experience visiting the area. 

In this new episode of “Why?” Ralph’s story proves a point about people in general – humor, friendliness and photography are universal!  Check out more of Ralph’s work by visiting his website with a click on the image above. Then imagine being on a trip with him, and the experience of capturing your own backstories and the images to go with each one.


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