What Are You Doing for the Holidays?


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Picture“Honey, any idea where picture hooks might be?”

             Note to self: Never plan a move to a new house three days before Christmas!
So, here’s the backstory…
We moved to Florida to be with my Mom and Dad in 2011. Mom was battling Alzheimer’s and Dad was 89.  As I look back over the memories of the last few years, it couldn’t have been a better decision.  Well, Mom passed away three years ago and Dad a year ago.  We lived on the northeast side of Sarasota, six miles inland and half an hour from our favorite beach. It was time to move south.
We put our house on the market and started looking on the south side of Sarasota for a new address. We wanted to downsize a little and trade space under the roof for space closer to the sand.
We found a house we absolutely loved a couple of months ago and closed on December 12. Within 24 hours I had movers set up, along with a contractor for some renovation work and the most important of all – Frontier Communications for Internet, cable and phones. Much to our surprise we were ahead of schedule and moved up the movers to December 22. We were ahead of schedule, except for Internet service!
I had set it up for December 27 because originally we weren’t moving until the 29th. We were so excited to make the move, but I forgot we live in Florida.
Pay attention here – Florida is the only state where the communications companies refuse to allow expedited work orders this time of year. That means when you call and ask to move your installation date before Christmas, they laugh hysterically. When you insist on talking with a supervisor they put the Grinch on line who listens patiently and after ten minutes says, “You want what?”
The snowbirds have arrived in Sarasota. Like locusts they’ve swarmed south Florida leaving nothing but work-orders in their path!
Here’s why the long explanation this morning – Since starting SCU, I’ve only missed a handful of days for blog posts. Most often I’ve gone seven days a week with what I hope is always helpful content to help you raise the bar on your marketing, business and thanks to some incredible partners, even your photographic technique.
SCU has grown all thanks to so many of you, great friends and outstanding companies like Profoto, Photodex, Panasonic, Tamron, X-Rite Photo & Video, Marathon Press and Sprouting Photographer. It’s been an amazing year. Just when I want to post a big thanks and best wishes for a merry, happy and healthy holiday season, I’m without Internet service.  I’m knee deep in boxes, packing material and a garage that looks like a scene from one of the hoarder reality series!
So, as I fight to get a decent signal for a personal hot spot between my cell phone and laptop, I want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday. It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs might be, this is a time when we all need more peace in our lives. Thank you all for the gift of support you’ve given me. I plan to be back on line by next Tuesday and hopefully even have two cars parked in the garage!
As I always write on Sunday morning reflections – make this a weekend to simply appreciate all those people who are special in your life. And, whenever you give them a hug – go for eleven seconds. I read an article a year ago that talked about hugs being therapeutic when they’re eleven seconds or longer. Try it and you’ll see what I mean!
And, while this might be incredibly sappy and border on unprofessional – I sure do love you guys!


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