“Why?” with Arthur Rainville

Images copyright Arthur Rainville. All rights reserved.
This is the forty-eighth episode of “Why?” since I started the series on April 22. Each artist has something different they wanted to share, and today’s with good pal Arthur Rainville is no exception!

As only Arthur could do, with his creative energy running at full steam he asked if it was okay to share two of his favorite images. He promised he’d connect them. LOL ​

Well, Arthur’s two images span fifty-one years of his career from a picture of Martin Luther King in 1965 to an image just captured two weeks ago! He never compromises on quality, not just in his images, but in his relationships with his students, friends, vendors, and associates.

So, while Arthur talks about slowing down a little these days, if you see his name on any conference or convention for a program, RUN don’t walk to get a seat. He still holds the title for the best presentation I’ve ever seen, and that’s over my entire career! Nobody can keep you glued to your seat like Arthur.

Check out more of Arthur’s work with a click on either image to visit his website. And, to get to know him a little better, watch this short inspirational video thanks to Tamron USA. Just click on Tamron below. I posted it two weeks ago and like everything with Arthur’s name on it – it’s simply remarkable!


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