“Ordinary to Extraordinary” – Gel Techniques with Pye Jirsa

by Skip Cohen

I’m still a little surprised when I meet a “professional” photographer who’s taken too many shortcuts and doesn’t understanding lighting. Lighting is the key, no matter what your subject is, to great images. And, in turn, great images build your reputation and strengthen your brand.

What I love about working with the team at Profoto is they not only make the best lighting gear in the industry, they never slow down in their efforts to help build the best photographers! Every week I wander through their blog archives and their YouTube channel. Both are loaded with outstanding content – all designed to help you fine tune your skill set.

Pye Jirsa hosts a whole series of short videos to help you capture and create stronger images. I call them “wow” images – a “wow” image is one that’s so strong, you’d only have to show that one image to get hired! In the video below Pye’s going to help you with two easy to understand techniques when using gels.

What I love most about this video is Pye’s ability to get you thinking about the purpose of adding gels in the first place – is it to correct a challenge or create a stylistic effect? Check out more from Lin & Jirsa along with Profoto’s Off Camera Flash Systems, the B1, and B2.  They’re just a click away.


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