Dixie Dixon – A Lifestyle Tutorial for Photographers

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alJust a few weeks ago Dixie Dixon was featured in a new episode of “Why?” Dixie’s “Why?” image was part of a shoot she was doing in Brazil. The trailer for her Lifestyle Photography Tutorial adds a little more about Dixie’s philosophy and her never-ending quest to capture the ultimate image. 

I’ve shared a number of Dixie’s videos here on the SCU blog over the last few years. Her behind the scenes videos, which started as simply a fun way to document a project, evolved into one of her most popular products for many of her clients. 

Think about the concept. The more I think about it, the stronger the idea of BTS videos becomes for virtually any client. As two other examples: Kirk Voclain has done them for years with high school senior sessions, and Suzette Allen has turned them into video holiday cards for clients. 

Now Dixie’s sharing something new, with 22 hours of education content to help you raise the bar on your skill set. As you watch the video, first pay attention to how well Dixie shares her story. Second, think about how bringing a stronger approach to lifestyle photography might just be the inspiration you need to extend your work in a stronger direction. Check out the video and then click on either of Dixie’s images above to link to this new educational series.


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