Throwback Thursday – Photography, Winter, Yellowstone 1995?

I’ve shared a lot of throwback images from the infamous snowmobile trips to Yellowstone over the years. What started with just four of us, Duncan MacNab, Chris Kent, Bob Thompson and me, became a decade of annual trips each winter with a good number of leaders from the photographic industry.

There’s that old line about “he who dies with the most toys wins!” Well, years ago we decided Duncan didn’t need to die to win – he already owned the title. Here’s a perfect example. In addition to all his other toys, he had a gas grill on runners that he towed behind his sled. On one trip, I think the one above; he towed the grill to Two Top. The Two Top Loop is one of the most famous snowmobile trails in America. It’s 28 miles long with a spectacular view from the top. Plus, the snow blows across the trees forming snow/ice sculptures that look like something out of Hollywood.

But, just the view for our group wasn’t enough. At the top, around 8,000-foot elevation, Duncan would fire up the grill for cheeseburgers. Even topped with a grilled onion if you wanted. Imagine being at the top of a snow covered mountain buried in the silence of winter and smelling burgers coming off the grill. Now and then another group would come snowmobiling by and do a double-take at twenty+ people at a barbecue!

One year it was so cold the Pepsi I was drinking turned to slush within minutes. The temperature was below ten degrees. You had to drink very carefully to avoid a repeat performance of the kid in Christmas Story with his tongue stuck to the flagpole.

Take some time looking at who’s in this throwback image. You should find a whole bunch of familiar characters from the industry.

While the fun of Throwback Thursday is in the images we find, it’s a great marketing tool. Use throwback images to remind your blog readers of the importance of photography and capturing those special memories. Plus, this is the perfect time of year to highlight holiday time and the opportunity to update the family portrait!


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