It’s Wednesday – ” A Week in a Photographer’s Life”

by Skip Cohen

Along with all the new products introduced by Profoto at Photokina last month they also launched a terrific new video series, “A Week in a Photographer’s Life”. I shared the trailer a few weeks ago here in the Profoto Showcase. Knowing how busy you get, I’m betting most of you never went back to watch the entire series, and since it’s Wednesday, it’s the perfect video to share today.

What I enjoy most about Profoto’s videos is how much great content they pack in short time spaces. You’ll find a lot of good tips as Andreas Lundberg takes you through his thought process on a fashion shoot. Andreas is using just one D2 monlight with a silver deep umbrella.

I’ve been in Stockholm and understood his point completely when he talked about needing a quick set up for each image. The streets are narrow and the sun is moving fast, leaving Andreas minimal time to match each image with the vision in his mind’s eye. I love the way this video ends, with Andreas at a train station looking at one of his images on a billboard!

The D2 is the world’s fastest monolight with TTL. Check it out with a click on the D2 at the top of the page. And, take the time to check out more of Andreas Lundberg’s work on his website. He’s an outstanding artist and sharing some stunning work.


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