Twenty Seven More Reasons for Holiday Cards this Season


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Over the years I’ve probably written at least dozen a dozen blog posts about holiday cards, and because October is fast coming to a close, I’m going to hit the idea one more time. While Marathon has an outstanding opportunity for products to offer your clients, I want to get you thinking about doing your own card this holiday season!

No photographer should ever use a store bought holiday card! You’re an artist and your goal with just about everything you do should be to build brand awareness for your business. That means take advantage of every opportunity to get your work seen by members of your target audience.

Use your own images! What better way to remind people that you’re an artist? You’ve got the potential to use any image you’ve captured and created – just make sure it’s one of your very best.

Holiday time is the perfect time to crow a little! A holiday card gives you a chance to simply show off without being obnoxious about it. Showing a great image helps to reinforce your role as an artist. Plus, it’s like the old “Subliminal Man” routine on Saturday Night Live. You’re wishing people happy holidays and just happen to be sharing one of your own images.

Print a holiday message or hand-write your own. Personally I’m a fan of pre-printed cards with an extra comment, hand-written for those special clients and friends in your life. However you do it, there isn’t a better way to share a little piece of your heart and wishes for the holiday season.

The back of the card is another opportunity. On the back of the card, where everyone might see Hallmark, American Greetings, etc. is where you put your logo along with your website, email address and phone number. This is about soft-sell marketing and the holidays give you a chance to advertise a little without being in anyone’s face!

Over the years I’ve shared a lot of different cards from other photographers. My favorites, which I’ve collected for at least the last ten years or so are from Allison and Bleu Cotton. They’ve made creation of their card each year a family event. Here’s one of my favorite cards below, just to help get you in the holiday spirit!

So, whether or not you create a scene specifically for your card or you use a landscape image you captured earlier in the year, don’t let 2016 go by without taking advantage of one of the greatest marketing tools you have!  And, Marathon’s BOGO offer right now makes it even more affordable!


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