Back to Basics Part II – Reflectors, Backlighting and Night Shooting


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I’m back with three more videos from Tamron’s archives. Why? Because they’re great reminders of the creative challenges many of you face, which shouldn’t be challenges at all. While they’re very basic, I see so many images every day which could have been much stronger if the artist had just taken the time for a little fine-tuning.

After doing a little searching, I chose three classic topics, starting with the use of reflectors. Great photographers are respected because of three primary things:  their skill set, being prepared for any situation and their passion for the craft, quality and their clients. And, most of them, especially portrait artists ALWAYS have a reflector in their bag. They control the light where they want it to go.

​My next choice was a video on backlighting and silhouettes. I see these concepts most often used in wedding images. Once again, I see artists with incredible passion who come so close to capturing an outstanding image, but miss the mark. 

Last in the three was a quick lesson in night photography. As with both of the previous videos, Ken Hubbard does an outstanding job as an educator talking about a timeless technique. So many of you are regularly in nighttime situations, especially wedding photographers capturing a location venue at a wedding reception. Instead of just capturing an average scene-setter shot for the album, why not make it your very best.

There’s a lot of great content in the Tamron archives and it’s so worth your time to check out all the support that’s just a mouse click away. Also, Tamron’s got some terrific rebates right now on eight different lenses. Thanks to YouTube and their archives I was able to find a video on each lens which not only share information about the product, but often educational tips on creating better images.


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