Wide, Telephoto, Portraits, Macro – Yeah, Tamron’s Got That!

by Skip Cohen

Wandering through Tamron’s YouTube archives I came across this video from last year with Andre Costantini as he took Tamron’s 16-300mm Di II VC PZD Macro lens out for a spin around San Francisco. While the lens itself is remarkable, what I appreciate most is how much great content Andre packs into just three minutes. As he states in the very beginning, when traveling he wants to be able to shoot wide, telephoto, portraits and macro – all with one lens!


This lens is pretty remarkable and with each feature, Andre’s giving a mini-class on composition and exposure. Of course if you know Andre, then you know he never does anything halfway!

Check out all of Tamron’s lenses with a trip to Tamron dealer. And, follow the Mobile Learning Center, on the road throughout most of the year.  Still coming up this month they’re in Alabama on 9/29, followed by Georgia, Florida, Texas and New York through December.

Here’s your opportunity to catch up to the Tamron Tech Team, test drive their new lenses and pick up some great tips to help you raise the bar on your skill set. Just click on the MLC van to link to the complete schedule of locations, topics and times.

Tamron’s not only the manufacturer of some of the finest glass in the world but they’re dedicated to education and helping to build better photographers! 


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