“Why?” with Mark Toal

Image copyright Mark Toal. All rights reserved.
“Why?” started as a way to share images together with their backstories from some of the most respected artists in photography. What I never anticipated was how strong and popular a feature like this would be. I also under-estimated the lessons I’d learn from each photographer I spoke with as they shared their backstories.

Mark Toal is another example of the best thing about our industry – the friendships that come out of everyone’s love for the craft. Mark and I met at a Panasonic Luminary meeting over a year ago. Since then he’s shared several terrific guest posts. He also is a key contributor with two other good friends, Joe and Mary Farace at Mirrorless Photo Tips

Interested in checking out more of Mark’s work and tips on shooting mirrorless – wander into the Lumix Lounge. You’ll not only catch up to Mark, but the other members of the Luminary team. 


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