Jennifer Denton Shares Her Experience with NILMDTS



by Skip Cohen

As September comes to a close, so does Recruitment Month at Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. That doesn’t mean you can’t get involved at any other time of the year, just that this month’s focus is on helping new photographers become a part of this amazing group of volunteers.

Every NILMDTS photographer I’ve every spoken with has talked about being involved from two different perspectives. First, they all share the story of their first session. They talk about their fear of being able to maintain composure, and be “professional.” Without exception they talk about how they learned they didn’t have to be composed, just supportive of the family’s grief, sadness and pain.

Second, and it never varies, is the way they describe each NILMDTS assignment as being life-changing. There’s a redefined sense of purpose to being a photographic artist. Jennifer Denton in the video above does a terrific job of explaining what NILMDTS means to her and how it’s helped change her perspective on life and her career.

                    “There’s nothing else I’ve ever done that provides me this kind of fulfillment and satisfaction…”

I’ve shared a number of posts over the last few years from NILMDTS photographers. I hope you’ll watch Jennifer’s video, and if you’d like another artist’s perspective check out this post from co-founder, Cheryl Haggard as she talks about capturing love. Just click on the image below to read her story.

Coming up tomorrow, September 28 is a FREE NILMDTS webinar. Here’s your chance to find out more about being a volunteer and being a part of this very special group. Registration for the information webinar is just a click away.


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