Over-Powering the Sun With the B2’s and an Umbrella

Intro by Skip Cohen

Jared Platt recorded sixteen videos in his series, “What’s the Difference?” for Profoto last year. This is the last one in the series, putting all sixteen within easy reach here in the Profoto Showcase. In this clip Jared is shooting under the noon day sun. The lighting couldn’t get much harsher, but as he does with every video – he’s sharing a lot of outstanding content to help you through lighting challenges.

Profoto’s Off-Camera Flash System, with the B1’s and B2’s, has carved out their own piece of imaging history, allowing photographers to literally shoot just about everywhere without restrictions. If you haven’t checked them out for yourself, it’s time to visit a Profoto dealer. No matter where you are in the world, click on the link below to find the retailer closest to you.

Profoto doesn’t just make great lighting equipment, they’re helping to make better photographers. Follow their blog and while you’re there, sign up for their FREE newsletter to keep fine-tuning your lighting skills.

​And, there’s a great post on using gels from Jared, just posted on May 27. Here’s the link.


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