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by Skip Cohen

There’s a great joke I heard years ago – “Do you know why does it takes millions of sperms to fertilize one egg?”
“None of them will ask for directions!” 

Okay, so it’s on the edge of being inappropriate content, but it does make a point about a stereotypical guy thing of never asking for directions/help. However, I’ve noticed with photographers, both men, and women, when it comes to new gear, most of you jump right in rarely reading the instruction manual. You never ask for directions!

This is a new video from AdoramaTV’s new website. It hits on a topic I never thought I’d find not only relevant but interesting. Drone photography is an art form and skill set all its own. This is the first episode in this new series with Dirk Dallas.  He takes us through the first step – the out-of-box experience with a new DJI Phantom 4.

Put Dirk and this new series in your favorites. Drone photography, regardless of your photographic specialty, is a completely new adventure. For many of you it’s going to be a necessary skill set to grow your business and expand the creativity of your presentations. 

As an example, we’re in the process of selling our home. I took the original photographs which I was pretty proud of. A few weeks later the realtor brought in two professionals. The images of the interior made mine look like the work of a complete amateur.  Even better were the drone images they included showing the house from an elevated view from the front and a few hundred feet up, showing the entire neighborhood. These images have made a huge difference in the interest we’re seeing from potential buyers.

Adorama recently launched their new learning center and AdoramaTV now has its own website. They’re both loaded with great content and focus on education, helping you raise the bar on your skill set. And, with each new video and article they never sway from supporting their tagline – “more than a camera store!”


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