A “Lite” Sarcastic Saturday: Happy Memorial Day



Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook by a well-respected artist who was appalled by the number of “Memorial Day Sale” emails he’s received. His point was simply about how these companies have missed the meaning of the day. I suppose, if you think about it, we shouldn’t even use “Happy” in the Memorial Day theme.

Okay, so I get his point, but in all honesty the “Happy” component for me comes out of it being a three day weekend. And, in terms of retailers taking advantage of any excuse for a sale – this is hardly a new concept. Holiday sales, no matter what the holiday, have been going on for the last hundred years. It goes with any retail business and any excuse for a sale.

It reminds me of my Hasselblad days. Every time there was an anniversary in Hasselblad’s history, Sweden came out with another commemorative gold camera. We had the anniversary of Victor Hasselblad’s father starting the company; the 30th anniversary of the 500 C/M; a gold 503CW for one of the 50th anniversaries; the anniversary of the space program and there were more – I just don’t remember them. While they were in small numbers, usually we imported less than 250 units, the total sales kept going down as the idea became less and less unique. Seriously, I kept waiting for a gold camera to celebrate Victor Hasselblad’s first outdoor barbecue that would come with a Weber grill!

Here’s my point to this Sarcastic Saturday theme…Memorial Day is a very special day for me, because my Dad was a proud veteran; Sheila and I have a son who serves now and “Uncle” Randy served. So, out of respect it’s a more solemn holiday. At the same time it’s a three-day weekend and we’re going to relax, hit the beach a few times and just appreciate the peace in our lives – and for me that’s in the spirit of the holiday.

Look at what’s going on in the world and then kick back and appreciate everything and everyone around you. I took Dad on Honor Flight two years before he died. They have a tagline that I love:

“We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they walk by.”
Will Rogers
So, I’m wishing all of you a Happy Memorial Day. A day filled with peace, time with family and moments of reflection that enrich your life. And, if here and there you pick up a great buy at a Memorial Day sale more power to you!

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