Three FREE Videos to Help Fine-Tune Your Lighting Game 

by Skip Cohen

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years hanging out with Matthew Jordan Smith. He’s an artist, a writer, an educator and especially a good friend, but this new “gift” he’s sharing is all about education.  Matthew’s doing a series of three FREE short videos to help you fine tune your lighting skills.

In the first one he’s sharing his insight into why you need to be more than a “natural light specialist.” I laughed when he said that in the video, because it’s one of my pet peeves. Every time I hear a photographer say, “I’m a natural light specialist” I know it means he/she is afraid of any other light source! 

Just click the banner above to link to Matthew’s first video in the series. He just introduced the second in the series today and the third free video will be out right after Memorial Day. Three videos with a lot of great content and ideas starting with why it’s important to understand lighting. Once you’ve seen the first one, you’ll have access to the new one that came out today and next week’s third chapter.

Interested in finding out more about Matthew? Check out his recent “Why?” image and the back-story.


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