Don’t Compromise on Your Final Presentation!

Years ago I picked up a great line about professional packaging:
“Points made to the eye are 78% more effective than the same points made to the ear!”
Now, let’s apply that to some of the products on display here at ShutterFest, starting with 
The shot above was a grab shot and it’s only one table on display. is all about presentation. They’re giving you an opportunity to elevate everything you give your clients. Two of my most favorite products are the stunning upscale “Boudoir Box” and their wine boxes. Stay with me here because this is so important. 

Years ago at Polaroid we did a series of focus groups on customer loyalty to various products. With hard goods we learned that the more accessories you could offer to a product line the more people loved the products. Well, has given you hundreds of products to enhance your final presentation to your client.

The Boudoir Box is a perfect example. Boudoir images are personal, but not to be shared with the world. They also represent very special memories. So, they gave it a stunning upscale look complete with lock and key, along with a flash drive and storage for some 4×5 prints.


Then comes the wine case and they had dozens of different styles to chose from. My favorite is on the right with two glasses, room for a ribbon-tied stack of prints, flash drive and of course a bottle of wine.

Now think about a client whose wedding or portrait session you did. They loved working with you and you’d love to work with them again. This is a no-brainer.  

It’s a high-impact product line with longevity. Here’s why I used the word “longevity” – think about the client’s response at getting some of their images this way along with a hand-written thank you note from you. Is there any friend they wouldn’t tell about it? also had individual wine boxes with the ability to print an image inside the box. Every product is a no-brainer.

Now, wander down the trade show floor at ShutterFest and check out Marathon’s new Bella Art Albums and especially the oversized book in the middle of the table. And, ask about the MAP Getaway in July and come join us for a few days of intense help in building your business!

One of the things I love about ShutterFest is the relationship everyone has an opportunity to build with each exhibiting vendor. This isn’t about selling you their products, but helping you understand how to best them use them and pave the way to make 2016 your best year yet!

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