Throwback Thursday – Meet the “Rents”

I’ve shared a lot of old family photographs for Throwback Thursday, especially since my Dad passed away last November, but this one puts an ear to ear smile on my face.  If my folks were still alive, Dad would be hysterical over it being shared while Mom would be mortified. However, only for a short time, because that’s the emotion she’d feel she should be showing. Deep down she’d be laughing with Dad.

My best guess is this was taken in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Not sure why, but when cleaning out their place, this was printed as a poster and mounted on foam core. Here’s what all of this brings back and why you should be posting a Throwback image on your blog for you clients.

First, it’s a reminder of my Dad’s sense of humor. For example, he loved to write stuff that was funny. Every time there was a milestone anniversary or birthday of one of their friends, Mom would put Dad to the task of writing a poem.  Consistently EVERY time she’d hear the first draft and make him clean it up. I can hear her saying, “Ralph, that’s so dirty. You can’t say that in a poem!”  

Second, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I have Dad’s genes, and I’m proud of it. Dad always had a joke, a one-liner to share for virtually any situation. He was always willing to go a little out on the limb for a chuckle.

Well, it’s Throwback Thursday and time for you to remind your clients that printed images last. Had this been anything other than a print, I’d never have found it, and the memory would have been lost.

I’ve shared the image above before, but it’s one more way for you to remind your clients of the importance of printing their images. You’re welcome to use it or just create your own.  And for those of you who will try and accuse me of being an alarmist – feel free to try. You’ll be in good company, but then tell me what to easily do with 8-track tapes.

Happy Throwback Thursday everybody! Now, take ten minutes and share something from your stash with your readers! Make a point about memories, printed photographs and the magic only a professional photographer can bring into a family’s life.


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