Tamara Lackey – Back to Basics



Intro by Skip Cohen

I know most of you consider yourselves working professionals and these two short videos by Tamara Lackey are under the “Beginner” umbrella, but there are two reasons I wanted to share them with you. First, a lot of you have become so rushed in the process of capturing images, you’ve forgotten some of the basics – so, a two minute refresher will help you raise the bar on the quality of your images.

Second, pay attention to the way Tamara teaches. Nobody does this stuff better and now think about your own blog content. I keep suggesting you look for ways to help your readers become better photographers themselves.

If you’re in the portrait/social category then most of your target audience are moms. Be helpful and run a feature post now and then with tips on how they can get better shots of their own family. Position yourself as the photographic expert in the community and then share another tip each week.

Most of you are already worried about new content. Here’s a way to be helpful and also demonstrate why you’re the community’s best choice when they need a professional photographer!

There’s so much great content in AdoramaTV’s YouTube archives. Tamara Lackey’s reDefine Show is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find over 1500 videos to help you raise the bar on your skill set and get ideas on how to be more creative thanks to Adorama’s focus on education.  Then, check out the store as well, so you’ve got the right gear in your bag on every shoot…and notice what lighting she’s using! She’s got Profoto’s game-changing B2 off-camera flash system on location.


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