Storytelling – Switzer Style!

​Ever meet somebody for the first time and walked away feeling like you’ve known them for years? Meet Joe Switzer. We share a whole bunch of mutual friends, but we actually met and talked for the first time at WPPI’s Awards Program just a couple of weeks ago.

Then, last week “Becker” posted his wedding video and he couldn’t have been more ecstatic. This was no ordinary story Switzerfilm had to capture. It was the story of one of the most creative artists in photography, the Becker, and his incredible partner and beautiful bride, Ashley.  I’ve known Becker for years and met Ashley for the first time last year when they dropped by ShutterFest. They’re a pretty special couple.

Most of you are still-photographers transitioning into some level of filmmaking. While you’re primarily being judged on how you tell the story, it takes a different skill set to do it in video versus an album. However, these days it’s so important for you to have skills in both areas.

Check out Ashley and Becker’s wedding video below and then watch one of my favorite videos from Shutter Magazine with Joe Switzer. It’s the perfect foundation for you to think about your skill set and Joe’s theme of five trends in video for 2016.



Joe and I both write for Shutter Magazine and we’ll also both bein St. Louis next week teaching at ShutterFest. If you’re attending ShutterFest, whether you’re signed up for his class or not, make it a point to introduce yourself and start following his content all about video.

Subscribe to Shutter Magazine both online and in print – you’ll never be disappointed. It’s the fastest growing magazine in professional photography.

But don’t let your education and enjoyment stop there. Check out Switzerfilm. Just click on the picture of Joe to the right. You’ll see some stunning work and make it a point to meet “Kreature”. Who else but Joe Switzer would have a mascot and a theme song to enhance the creative spirit of the entire Switzerfilm team?

As my buddy Dean Collins used to say – What a kick!


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