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I’ve been doing “Sunday Morning Reflections” for a few years now, and I’m still surprised at the response these posts get. I started doing them for my sanity. It was fun going off track and stepping away from business and marketing at least once a week. Each post has always been off the cuff and this morning is a prime example. 

I shared a post last week with images from the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West. I was shooting macro of the butterflies with a LUMIX FZ1000. Butterflies weren’t the only things to photograph, though, and here and there I grabbed a few shots of some of the flowers in the butterfly sanctuary as well.

Here’s my point this morning. I don’t do a lot of macro shooting, but it’s a kick when you’ve got the right gear. In the same respect, I love the analogy of thinking in macro. We’re taught at an early age to look at the “big picture” but sometimes you need to slow down and just appreciate the individual components of your life. Okay, here’s where I risk losing a few of you as I go off track.


​When was the last time you just isolated an event, a family member or friend and just thought about one aspect of your relationship? When was the last time you took a close “macro” look at something that didn’t work out as planned and saw what you learned and the benefits of whatever else came out of the event?

Years ago a friend taught me to shoot “neuro-chromes” – images you capture in your memory when you don’t have a camera with you. Well, I’m suggesting we all need to take it a step further and now and then put our brains into “macro” and examine so many of life’s most priceless moments – even the disappointments.

For me my macro moment this morning seems to be taking me to missing my Dad, but instead of the sadness that comes with the dark side, I’m thinking about the moments that always made us smile and often laugh until he cried! There’s something to be said for thinking in macro!

Wishing you all a terrific Sunday and one filled with plenty of time with the people you care about most. Always go for those eleven-second hugs and think “macro”. As you’re in hug mode, think about how much that person has changed your life!


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