Throwback Thursday – NOT the Dallas Cheerleaders!

​Forty plus years ago in a galaxy far far away, five knuckleheads from the senior class at Riverside High School borrowed clothes from the cheerleaders and hit the basketball court. That’s me with my long time buddy Terry on the left and in the middle in the picture on the right. Terry’s on the top, Mike couldn’t get his balance, Bill and Don are flanking me on the bottom row.  With Terry standing on my back, this just might be the root of my back problems today! LOL 

I found these prints recently while looking through some old files. Not sure why they where even there, but that’s the fun of Throwback Thursday.  There are often no logical reasons for much of anything. However, there are plenty of reasons to smile and think about any throwback point in time.

One sidebar memory: Notice all the dust in the image on the right. This is a perfect example of what used to happen in the “old days” when you didn’t dust things off in the darkroom. Whoever took the shot, printed copies in the darkroom. It was probably me. I was always in a hurry and took a lot of shortcuts just to get fast fulfillment. Years later I have the biggest collection of yellow tinted black and white prints on the planet.

So, it’s Throwback Thursday. What have you done to search through your images and find a few memory makers from the past? Remember, if you’re a professional photographer, use them to make the point about the value of old photographs and especially prints! If for example these prints had been saved on a floppy disk I’d have no way to look at them today! 

We didn’t realize we were making memories. We were just having fun!”

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