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Since we started this podcast series there’s been one consistent common denominator – each guest has shared terrific insight to help you build a stronger presence in your community. We’ve covered so many different topics, but this new podcast with Photo Organizer, Jenny Larson may well be one of my favorites for “how-to” content.

Jenny isn’t a photographer, but she is a master storyteller. Jenny is the owner of Forever Digital Memories. Since 2003, Jenny has helped thousands of people (consumers, photographers and corporate clients) tell their unique stories through the magic of combining photos, videos, and music.  She couldn’t be more supportive and shares a series of great tips to help you create stronger more compelling videos.  Check out one of her videos and the story of Superbran’s Journey below.

One interesting topic Jenny and I got into during the podcast is the “presentation of the presentation”. Photodex has brought an incredible amount of technology to the party. They’ve created software to help you create stunning high-impact presentations for your clients, but you need to go one step further. Don’t be a minimalist! Remember to package your presentation in a way that gives it value. Don’t just email a client a link to their slideshow, but take the time to create a DVD package and custom packaging for the jump drive for their program.

Another sidebar topic and just a reminder. When you’re producing slide shows make sure you have the right to use the music. I’m a big fan of SongFreedom and their slogan says it all: “Real Music. Licensed. SongFreedom is about artists supporting artists.Check out SongFreedom’s library of music. You won’t be disappointed.

You’ll find more help on the ProShow blog and in fact,there’s a terrific Q&A from Jenny that was shared last August.

As always, a big thanks to the Photodex team. They’re dedicated to helping artists raise the bar on their presentations and business and are always dedicated to education! Special thanks to Jenny for joining me on the podcast and also introducing me to APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. For more information just click on their logo to the right.


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